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XRGY - a new audio visual dimension


XRGY is a glitch audio visual project that evolved from different activities in the progressive FACTORY over the last years. Christian and Lambert were exploring new possibilities of sound generation besides common synthesizers. For a long time circuit bending was our main focus and its chaotic characteristics and the hands-on approach are still an essential driver of XRGYs music.


last performance: at akta (STP / Lower Austria) on the 13th of September.


XRGY live at 13.09.2014

Lambert Frey, Christian Munk



Christian  Munk – Analog and Digital Sound Generators, Guitars, Video Artwork, Concept, Sound Mix & Mastering

Lambert Frey – Sound/Video generation and destruction, Vocals, Video Editing and Artwork


Mixing & Mastering at progressive FACTORY Studios AUSTRIA


currently we are working on our album, the release is planned within 2014

performance with Kugelkopf at the Tomorrow Festival 2013, AKW Zwentendorf

Our interpretation of Iggy Pops 'Now I wanna be your dog'

A Glitch Sample

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