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The only goal is that two people have fun for about five minutes. Superscroll is an arcade Jump 'n' Run on thermopaper but still digital.One Player is creating t he level, placing gaps and barriers, for the other player to jump over.This is done by printing the level on thermal-paper. This means the level is constantly moving, drawing the playground with the obstacles about 10cm(~4inch) a second. What a waste! How Fun! The actual player, the hero so to speak, is projected onto the paper with a pocket beamer while a webcam is scanning the level to detect any collision. When the hero cialis prix runs into a barrier, he is likely pushed into a bottomless pit if he doesn't jump in time, and the game is over. There are an infinite number of lives, so you can play as long as there is any paper left (That would be 80m(262feet) in our case). The video shows some the game Superscroll and a ton of thermal-paper on the floor. The presentation lasted for about 20 minutes, that's about how long it took to waste a roll of thermal-paper.




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