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PXL is an instant thermal Camera



I our world wer are actually living are a lot of version updates going on (more pixel, more diskspace, more RAM) the PXL camera starts a trend which goes in the other direction! This camera works against the industry driven speed of product development that is communicated in the media.  Less pixels, less colors, less resolution is our focus and it shows the result immediately. The user can choose between different quality stages.  Its a product that goes more to the roots where the digital trend began. Our goal is also to

PXL also communicates that the digital hast not and endless resolution as the analog. There is a limit! every media has its livetime and limits -in the analog and in the digital world.



At the Beginning we wanted to creat an instand ASCII Code Camera that prints ASCII Art Pictures immediatly after the picture is taken. ASCII Art is an art form that was developed with the Computer era in the middle 70s.


ASCII ART - Danie Werndl            






Our methode to create the image in the actual camera prototype is called "dithering" and is based on the algorythm from "Floyd&Steiberg" who developed and calculated this formula in the middle 70s with the first monocrome monitors. It's still an actual methode in audio, video and communication products, but with much more speed and higher resolution.




These are the actual printouts on thermalpaper with the different resolutions.





This is the actual Camera prototype and it's fully working!






3D Case Design














Camera by Daniel Werndl (left) - Programming, Hardware and Christian Munk (right) - Concept, Design, Hardware.



                                                                        the creators: Daniel Werndl and Crhistian Munk