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Kaoss Guitar

There are a a few possibilities to control the Kaoss pad with a wireless touch screen. I play a little guitar and so a combined things together and build the “Kaoss Guitar Touch Control”. While playing guitar you can control the Kaoss pad and AbletonLive at the same time. You just tap the smart phone on your guitar. This really smashes the guitar into a new dimension. Its a new way to play!

iphone osc kaosspad guitar
Overview: devices and software Guitar Smart phone with TouchOsc Max Msp (Max for live) Ableton PC or Mac



kaosspad guitar iphone osc setting



Touch OSC

Is a application for your smartphone that creates OSC (Open sound control) data and sends it via Wifi/Wlan to your computer. OSC is the next midi generation, a benefit is a much higher band With the Touch OSC Editor you can easy create your own interface and upload it to your smartphone. TouchOSC is available for iphone, android, and iPad. Touch OSC Editor is the software to create the interface and is available for Windows and Mac.

I work with Ableton (and max for live) so I used the possibility beside the Kaoss pad control also to operate in Ableton. This was not so easy. I found out that there is Live Control (for Touch OSC) which gives you the full access for Ableton live.


kaoss guitar in action