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FOTOMIND is a remote to trigger digital cameras. It is possible to intefere your camera by an external trigger plug with FOTOMIND and use the full potential.

The Prototype is fully working, designed and developed by progressive FACTORY.  It's a 3D-printed prototype case.




Easy to use interface:

  • 1 Button
  • 1 Potentiometer
  • 1 LED
  • 1 Display


Connector List:

With the female connectors on the side you plug in your additional sensors to trigger the camera.

Mono and Stereo plug 3,5mm

  • Camera - Trigger + Shutter
  • External Flash
  • Laserpointer
  • Sensors Microphone
  • Light (Photoresistor)
  • Vibration/Sound (Piezo)


  • LCD Background light
  • On/Off Switch
  • 9V external power supply
  • Battery Case for mobile use - 4 AA
  • Display: 2 rows 16 charakter LCD Display
  • Blue background light


What can it do for you?


Trigger your camera with different Sensors plus programm your own sequences.

Here are some examples:


Time Sequence

Take 4 pictures (10 sec between each picture) every hour


Foto Trap

Take 2 pictures controlled by a laser beam or microphone


High speed fotography

high speed sequence: open shutter, trigger external flash if the laser beam is discontinued, close shutter (hase to be done in totally darkness) High Speed Fotos: Connect an external flash to the FOTOMIND , connect the light resistor sensor and your digital camera.


Setup: Example CD picture


High Speed Fotography Setup



Highspeed Fotos

Highspeed 1 Foto Fotomind






3D Model Fotomind3D Model Fotomind Back





Stop Motion


Videos we did: Vienna at Night Light (every second a picture 1/80 shutter)





Time Lapse

Rose of Jeriche Time Lapse (every 15 minutes a picture 1/60 shutter)